Independent Arboriculture and Urban Forestry

Big trees, old trees, tall trees, poorly trees, dangerous trees, awkward trees, pretty trees, specimen trees, small trees, overhanging trees, sick trees, protected trees, fallen trees, neighbours’ trees, damaged trees, young trees, magnificent trees, broken trees, beautiful trees, dead trees, large trees, lots of trees, one tree, just trees …

Independent Arboriculture & Urban Forestry is the tree consultancy practice providing outstanding service to fellow professionals, tree owners and tree managers.

We are tree experts, tree doctors, arboricultural consultants, tree surveyors, arborists – call us what you like! We are tree people who love to deal with:

  • Tree preservation orders and protected trees
  • Tree safety, tree surveys and tree reports
  • Subsidence and tree root damage
  • Tree policy and strategy
  • Trees in relation to planning and development, including advising on root protection areas, tree plans and BS5837 compliance. We also produce arboricultural reports
  • Tree disease and pest mitigation and management
  • Tree inspection and arboricultural training
  • Plant health care
  • Urban greening
  • Tree planting, tree selection and tree sourcing
  • Incorporating trees into landscape and garden design
  • Arboreta and tree collection design, sourcing and propagating stock, establishment, maintenance and management
  • Caring for trees with traditional tree care recommendations and services
  • Dynamic tree assessment ‘Tree Statics’

We support other professionals including architects, engineers, underwriters, solicitors, horticulturalists and designers.

Explore our website to find out more, or better still give us a call.

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