Independent Arboriculture and Urban Forestry

Regardless of the scale of your works or project, we want to make sure we understand exactly what you require. Achieving this may be as simple as a brief telephone call, a conversation over a coffee, or a site visit. On occasion, there may need to be longer meetings. This is an important opportunity for both parties to develop an understanding of the other and find out how each other works. Please ask any questions you have about IAUF and request relevant company policies or procedures for review. We ask that you offer any prior history, plans, drawings and specifications to do with the project for us to review before or during this consultation. We will also ask about your budget to ensure that we can deliver what is practical and achievable. We do not charge for this stage of the process (unless specific advice or our professional opinion is sought), so neither party has any obligation to move on to Stage 2.

After the initial consultation stage any party can draft a scope of works or brief for the project. If IAUF is drafting this we will write back to you within one week of the initial consultation with a brief/scope of works and fee proposal (usually a quotation). Alternatively, clients can draft this document and any supporting information for IAUF to provide a quotation against. Our quotations, or on occasion estimates, look to identify all relevant costs up-front. If you feel we have misunderstood some aspect of the scope of works or brief we encourage direct communication and will provide an amended fee proposal. Like Stage 1, we do not charge for this part of the process (unless specific advice or our professional opinion is sought), so neither party has any obligation to move on to Stage 3.

If you would like to contract IAUF to undertake works for you, usually based on the scope of works and fee proposal, we ask for an instruction to be sent to us in writing. This can be as simple and straightforward as an email. In instructing IAUF you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. Contract documents include the instruction, scope of works, fee proposal, any supporting specifications, plans and drawings, and any other document referred to in the said quotation/instruction. We are always happy to receive instruction. After instruction, we shall assign the work to an IAUF project lead or manager and draw up an initial programme of works. Expect to receive this from us within one week of sending the instruction.

This is the bit we enjoy the most. You have now become a client of IAUF and your works are a project. This means a lot to us and we will keep you updated on progress as frequently as and in the way that you want whilst we project manage and undertake the scope of works. We will source personnel and equipment, arrange logistics, undertake the project and liaise with relevant parties (including you, local planning authorities, or project partners) and will call upon you if we have any queries or items for review. We appreciate that projects change and develop, and if necessary variations to the contract will be made and agreed between us. As the project nears completion we will liaise with you to finalise any loose ends. This stage of the process also includes invoicing.

Whilst the project might be finished and you’ve moved on to the next, we are still here to help. Do consider us when trees and urban forestry are at the forefront of your mind again. Periodically we may check in with you about the trees, the site or the project.