Independent Arboriculture and Urban Forestry

Trees and risk are just one of the many issues in life we need to manage. Independent Arboriculture & Urban Forestry has the skill set to assist you with:

  • Formal surveys for health and safety issues, tree condition and/or pests and diseases
  • Detailed inspections of trees, such as aerial inspections or decay detection
  • Developing and implementing tree risk management strategies and policies
  • Inventories of tree populations
  • Avenue management
  • Ancient and veteran tree management plans
  • Individual tree management plans and reports

Great Example

A private school with a number of different sites required an update to its tree risk management plan. Its grounds had a mixture of large dominant trees and newer stock near buildings, highways and sports pitches. These included trees subject to Tree Preservation Orders and located within a Conservation Area. We delivered some common-sense, practical, expert advice to help mitigate and manage risk and followed this up with a documented survey and report for actioning. Good advice costs less in the long term.

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Want to know more?

Without doubt the best source of guidance to do with tree risk is the National Tree Safety Group.

Common Sense Risk Management of Trees is the main guidance for inspecting and maintaining trees. This guidance is reasonable and proportionate in its response to the low risk from trees, the benefits of trees, and the health and safety obligations of those responsible for trees. Find it free to download it here.

The Ancient Tree Forum is a good source of guidance on ancient and veteran trees.